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Are you looking for Dallas Roof Repair? Although there are many roofers in Dallas Texas that offer roofing services, Texas Construction and Roofing is one of the best. Our reputation for quality and customer satisfaction is unsurpassed. We offer top-notch roof repairs in Dallas, TX that are affordable and effective.

Texas Construction and Roofing is a Dallas roofing company with over 30 years of experience. Your roof inspection will be completed right away. Our roofers are specially trained and will thoroughly inspect your property’s roof.

Roof repair is not an easy job. Failure to fix your roof can lead to roof leakages, rapid deterioration and cracked or broken roofing shingles.

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You Can Get Rid Of That Roof Leak Now!

Texas Construction and Roofing are sensitive to your needs. You can expect outstanding service and a quick turnaround. We train our roofers in all types of roofing materials, which is why we are Dallas-Fort Worth’s best.

We can work with any roofing material, unlike other contractors who have limited expertise. We are the best choice for roof repair in Dallas.

Roof repair is an inevitable task given the North Texas extreme weather. It’s important to act quickly when that time comes. With a quality roof repair by Texas Construction and Roofing, you can rest assured that your property will be protected from damage.

Although it doesn’t have to be done every year, we recommend that your roof be inspected at least once every few years. However, if you have experienced severe weather, it is important to have your roof checked immediately.

Your roof is your first line of defense against the elements. Our Dallas Roof Repair company has a stellar record and glowing reviews. Also, our roofing services are affordable.

Dallas Roof Repair Service: Why Texas Construction and Roofing?

High Quality

Texas Construction and Roofing Service’s goal is to give every customer maximum satisfaction in the shortest time possible. We guarantee your satisfaction and look forward to working on your project.


Contrary to other contractors who promise you heaven and a happy heart but only to make money, Texas Construction and Roofing is able to deliver. Texas Construction and Roofing offers affordable services and is flexible and friendly to customers. For more information, please contact our Dallas office.

No cost inspection

Your roof will be assessed and inspected free of charge. This assessment of your roof will help us determine if it needs to be repaired or replaced. We will then provide you with an affordable solution. Do not miss this chance, contact us immediately.

Our Services are Guaranteed

Our services are backed by solid confidence. We use the most up-to-date equipment and methods of construction to better serve you.

Do not wait, repair your roof today!

Saving money by fixing roof problems as soon as they are discovered can be very beneficial. Texas Construction and Roofing offers Dallas roof repair services.

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