Introduction to Metal Framing And Drywall Company

If you’re ready to renovate an existing building, build a new one or create an addition, Texas Construction and Roofing is here to help. Our Metal Framing And Drywall professionals have experience in all aspects of construction and are looking forward to helping you meet your construction goals!

Benefits of Metal Framing in Renovations

Depending on the age of your building and it’s original construction, you may already have wooden studs in one part of the structure. Our experience of adding metal framing to an existing structure will offer you a more durable and stable addition or renovation.

Wooden studs are vulnerable to any number of issues, including termites, carpenter ants, and age. If you need to move walls to expand your existing home, let us help you tie the structure together with our expertise of Metal Framing And Drywall.

Using Metal Framing And Drywall in New Construction

For speed and stability, nothing beats metal framed walls. Once the slab is poured and cured, your new home or business will go up with surprising speed. We will work with your general contractor to review schedules for electricians and plumbers to make sure that the framed walls are in place and ready for punching.

Once the metal studs are up and the electricians have wrapped up, we are ready to go to work on the sheetrock. Thanks to our detailed installers, the framing will be right and the sheetrock will go up quickly. Again, we can stick to a schedule and our construction professionals know how important it is that your project is completed on time.

Final Thoughts

Our Metal Framing And Drywall construction experts work in your town and are excited to see quality building work going up across Texas. Our goal is to get your building on time and on budget so it can shelter your business for years to come. Contact our office online or by calling 972-201-9878 today for a free quote.