Hailstorms and Roof Damage Assessments

Hail Storm Damage and Your Property

Hailstorms can be extremely detrimental to roofs. If you’ve recently endured a hailstorm, you need to pay careful attention to your roof afterward. Hailstorms can lead to significant and lasting roof damage. It’s critical to examine your roof in detail after any hailstorm. Look for signs of damage. Typical indications of hail storm damage are:

  • Ridge cap destruction. If you spot a dent on your ridge cap, hail is most likely responsible.
  • Faulty metal parts. Focus on steel, aluminum and tin parts of your roof. These tend to be the most susceptible to hail storm damage. Be on the lookout for dented metal.
  • Siding panel destruction. Concentrate on your siding panels. Do you observe any cracks or dents? The presence of cracks and dents can signify heavy impact.

Don’t wait around to take care of any of these issues. The longer you wait, the more you may suffer. Hail can be highly destructive to roofs. Some roofs that experience hailstorms require full replacement. Repair work is fine for others. It’s impossible to guess whether repair service is adequate for your roof. You can get the answer to this question, however, by contacting a professional roofing company. Experienced roof contractors can assess the condition of your roof. If you’re in need of a comprehensive roof evaluation, you can turn to our firm.

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