Are you dealing with a leaky roof? Are you worried about your roof’s ability to withstand storms or high temperatures? If so, then you should consider having our TPO roofing installation service replace your roof right away. A damaged roof can put your entire building at risk for water damage and floods. If you have expensive equipment in your building, you could be looking at a huge potential loss if you neglect to replace your building’s roof.

Texas Construction and Roofing should be your first choice for TPO Roofing Installation on your business. Our company prides itself on doing great work, with a guarantee of great craftsmanship as part of their TPO Roofing Installation service.

TPO roofing material is widely regarded as being the best available roof on the market today. These roofs are durable, strong and adapt well to large structures. TPO roofs are also resistant to weather along with intense UV rays. It’s less likely to leak than any other type of roofing material due to its strong bond between your building and the TPO roofing material. Most importantly, it’s very resistant to being punctured; meaning it won’t leak whenever storm damage strikes the top of the roof. The TPO roofing material also does not give off any toxic odors. TPO roofing is designed to last 10-20 years before it needs to be replaced, ensuring that you have a long life for the roof you install on your commercial building.
If your building’s roof is beginning to leak, or you’re looking to replace your roof with something that is able to withstand the test of time, then you should contact Texas Construction and Roofing right away to have your new roof installed on your commercial building. We’re an experienced TPO roofing installation contractor that our clients have come to rely upon.